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Global Education Assessment Tools

The easiest and most accessible assessment tool to determine students’ global competency acumen is located here.

The Asia Society has developed an easy to use, accessible, and modifiable assessment rubric to use for most classes and serves as a great place to start which why I am recommending it for use at Reavis High School. As teachers begin incorporating global competencies they will be able to pick and choose which aspects they want to assess while learning how to incorporate the global competencies in their teaching.

Oxfam’s Global Citizenship. Scroll down on the following link and find the .pdf Education for Global Citizenship: A guide for Schools. On pages 5-7 is an age specific rubric that helps identify the global competency skills that students should develop in a classroom.

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. This site has a quite a lot of surveys to assess how culturally and globally competent you and your students are. Great resource to begin exploring global competencies with students.

Additional Assessment Resources

An entry level discussion of Cosmopolitanism by the reigning authority Martha Nussbaum–a must read, here.

Education for Global Interdependence (E4GI). A great website dedicated toward educating people about cosmopolitanism and instructing educators how to use technology in the classroom that fosters global competencies.

Carnegie Global Ethics Network. A think tank type organizational challenging leaders and educators to develop a global ethic in the hopes of making the world a better place.

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