Global Teaching

International Project-Based Learning Resources

Global School Net International–Cyber Fair. Basically, local students work on a science-based project with international students. If the project is good enough, there’s an international event. I plan on trying this in Physics and in both the Science and Environmental Clubs.

Epals. This is a web platform that facilitated inter-classroom collaboration across the country and the world on a project. These projects vary and are interdisciplinary by nature.

Global Nomads. A teacher can take one of 4 pathways to incorporate classrooms and kids across the world innovating, solving problems, or just debating. This content is interdisciplinary and varies in degree of involvement from weekly, over the course of a year to once or twice a year with experts from around the world.

Facing the Future. A student-driven website that enables students to discover global issues and work toward developing solutions. This can also work for a service learning requirement in a school.

People to People. A platform that facilitates international cross classroom collaboration. Teachers can find other similar classrooms or have the website choose for them. Students can pen pal, learn about each other’s culture, or work on a project together.

Local Community Resources

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. A forum of businesses and organizations dedicated toward understanding how a flattened world affects us in the Midwest. This is a great resource for teachers to get smart on global trends in businesses and how local leaders deal with global issues.

Arab American Family Services. A local group that is dedicated toward helping Arab Americans. This group can come and speak to my classes about adjusting to American life and translation services.

Polish American Association. Language classes, programs for Polish youth, Polish traditional music and dance. It’s a great resource to learn about the local Polish community. They can support classrooms with classes about Polish traditions, help with finding translators, and come to classrooms to discuss Polish life and issues in the Polish community.


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