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Emile’s Turbine is uniquely situated to deliver leading edge professional development, coaching, and big-education-data analysis to classrooms, schools, districts, and politicians.

All of our educators are researcher-practitioners meaning they are not only currently teaching in elementary, secondary, or university settings, they are consuming and producing education research which also makes us gimmick free. Our professional development, coaching, and data analysis services are rooted in scientific theory and evaluated in authentic education settings where we always stay focused on what truly matters–student growth and achievement.

Professional Development: We believe in a workshop model of professional development. If you want a lot of powerpoint slides and talking heads in front of a large room of apathetic professionals, we would advise going elsewhere. If you want teachers and administrators to actually use what they learn during professional development afterward, collaborate with us.

Emile’s Turbine specializes in disciplinary literacy, STEM education, Globalizing classrooms, data driven instruction, and diverse learning.  We can offer 1 hour to full day workshops catered to the needs of teachers, schools, and school districts, on-site, off-site, during schools hours, evenings, or weekends.

Coaching: We can design your induction & mentoring program or collaborate with you to improve it. Emile’s Turbine is quite unique in offering a “Coach the Coaches” program that aids schools and school districts in establishing and maintaining a network of effective coaches.

Big-Education-Data Analysis: Big education data is almost ubiquitous. The knowledge to ask the right questions and the statistical skill to extract the answers of big data are not. Emile’s Turbine can help you make sense of your school’s, district’s, state’s, or even nation’s data. We can collaborate with you on a single data project or provide continuous support. Our educators have expertise in generalized linear models, non-parametric statistics, hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, and multivariate statistics. We prefer to use SPSS when analyzing data, but are just as fluent with SAS, HLM 7, and Excel.




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