Welcome to Emile’s Turbine! If you are looking for reviews of education literature, ideas and methods to implement action research as part of your practice, gather ideas for classroom instruction, or how to globalize your classroom, you have come to the right place.

Intro to Globalizing Your Classroom:

When using this web site to help globalize your classroom, there are basically 3 tabs that concern the global teacher: Travel Blog (TGC), Global Study, and Global Teaching.

The Travel Blog details my daily adventures in the Republic of Georgia as part of my Teachers for Global Classrooms field experience. There are lots of pictures and should tell the reader how impactful travel can be.

Global Study has resources for how to assess students for global competencies. There are rubrics as well as web sites to help you.

Global Teaching has resources to help teachers, students, and community members bring a global awareness to their respective environment.

Both Global Teaching and Global Study have globally relevant documents and web links on the right hand side. Download and use as you need.

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